Meet AMO! A thrilling collaboration set to light up the business! Alfonso Gavilán and Sergio Hernández, based in vibrant Valencia, Spain, infuse their work with cultural richness and creative spark.

Gavilán’s talents extend beyond the lens; he has proven himself as a masterful director, steering the helm of projects such as Frutas Bruño and lending his expertise as a colorist to the enchanting visuals of Leche Celta. His versatility knows no bounds, as evidenced by his work on “Kamikaze de Vuelta” stills for the esteemed singer Canciller, where his ability to evoke emotion through imagery shines brightly.

Teaming up with Gavilán is the visionary Sergio Hernández, whose technical prowess and creative ingenuity complement his partner’s artistic sensibilities. Together, they form a symbiotic partnership that is greater than the sum of its parts, infusing each project with a distinct blend of innovation and authenticity.

What sets AMO to the Lee Films Crew apart is their unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of La Terreta—a concept that transcends mere aesthetics to encapsulate the very soul of their craft. With a particular view and image that refuses to be confined by convention, they invite audiences on a journey that promises to stir the senses and leave an indelible impression.

AMO brings fresh ideas to the film world. With their talent and passion, they’re set to make a lasting impact, one frame at a time.