We’re excited to announce that Madrid-based commercial film production company Lee Films is joining the Twentyfour Seven Group Founded in 1990 and recognized as the most awarded production company in Spain. Lee Films has produced more than 2,000 high quality commercial campaigns and is home to many talented directors and experienced producers. We’re thrilled to enter into this partnership with the aim of continuing to create amazing work and offering premium service as a team. Managing Partner Ivan Fernandez, 24/7 Managing Partner Alvaro Weber, and 24/7 Managing Partner Gordon Mackinnon discuss how this creative partnership came to be, and how joining together is poised to make both companies even stronger.

What is the history of the relationship between 24/7 and Lee Films?

Ivan: Lee Films has been in business for 33 years, and we have worked alongside 24/7 during that time and have gotten to know each other as professionals that we admire. So we’ve known each other for a long time, and we know through experience that this will be a successful partnership. There are a lot of synergies between Lee Films and 24/7 — we share similar values and we think that working together will prove to be a really dynamic opportunity for both of us.

Why is this the perfect time for Lee Films to join the 24/7 group?

Ivan: It seemed like a very fortuitous moment for us to join forces. While Lee Films has established itself over the years as a go-to company within the Spanish market, 24/7 is focused on service production with a wider reach, and we’ve been trying to expand our reach as well. We want to expand into an international standing as a company and really diversify our client base, and we believe now is the time.

Alvaro: For the last few years, Lee Films has had their eye on becoming a more international company, and while we are always trying to find more talent and bring more creative force to 24/7, we are at a point where we’re actively looking for creative partners. Lee Films was 100% what we were looking for: they are established in their local market and have something that we could add an additional layer of service production to. The timing lined up perfectly, and I think that having new people with new perspectives join together is always going to be a positive thing.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing together in this partnership?

Ivan: We have a few key goals in this partnership, the first of which is to consolidate in the national market that we’ve been handling for the last 33 years. We want to offer that market a wider range of international directors, taking advantage of our combined roster of talent and creative strength. We’re looking forward to expanding our production into international territory as well. Lastly, we’re ready to capture more service business, and use our combined skills to offer first-in-class service to a wider range of clients. We really want to introduce ourselves as a company and as a group into more markets — I think that’s the main goal that we are hoping to achieve through this partnership.

Gordon: On our end, we want to give Lee Films the opportunity to shift more easily in territories where we already have a base. Working with us immediately gives them the opportunity to have teams in Portugal, Chile, Poland, Lithuania, and the Dominican Republic. This partnership opens up a lot of opportunities for both of us — for us to be representing these directors to foreign agencies and for Lee Films to have a trusted partner and an open door to new territories.

Alvaro: Lee Films brings with them a great pool of Spanish directors that we’re going to represent and help bring them more into the international market. We’re excited to use our platform to bring that talent to a wider audience and to help them work alongside other international talent.

Gordon: I think that to those familiar with the industry and our companies, this pairing makes sense. After all, both companies have an impeccable reputation in their markets, as well as serious longevity, with Lee Films having 33 years of experience and 24/7 having 20. We’re looking forward to nurturing and supporting each other as we continue to build our experience and our shared knowledge.