Lee Films, is thrilled to announce the addition of two exceptional directors to its esteemed roster: the Truesdell Brothers and Dan Castella. With their diverse backgrounds and outstanding portfolios, these directors bring fresh perspectives and unparalleled talent to the Lee Films family.

First, let’s delve into the Truesdell Brothers, a dynamic duo comprising Tim and Will Truesdell. Timothy Truesdell, the visionary Director and Founder of Trypta Media, has garnered acclaim for his notable works such as “Clean Up,” “Unlocked,” and “Trifles.” His creative journey began years ago and have worked as a Production Assistant on the hit series “Orange is the New Black,” where he honed his craft and developed a keen eye. Meanwhile, Will Truesdell has made waves in the industry as an Assistant Editor, contributing his expertise to the blockbuster hit “Dumb Money.” Additionally, Will has showcased his talent as Co-Director and Editor at Trypta Media, where he’s played a pivotal role in shaping captivating narratives.

Together, as a formidable team, the Truesdell Brothers have crafted unforgettable advertisements, including the iconic Nike spot “Skate Your Dreams” and the visually stunning Smith Optics commercial. Their collaborative synergy and innovative approach to filmmaking have consistently captivated audiences, making them a valuable addition to the Lee Films family.

But we have to speak also about the new incorporation of Dan Castella, a director renowned for his mastery of comedy and actor direction. With an illustrious career spanning television commercials, branded content, and social media campaigns. 

Castella’s journey to success has been centered in the UK, where he’s had the privilege of collaborating with an array of esteemed British comedians. From Mo Gilligan to Jack Whitehall, Jamie Demetriou to Shappi Khorsandi, Castella has seamlessly integrated humor and wit into his work, earning the admiration of both audiences and industry peers alike. Furthermore, his extensive collaboration with international agencies and his contributions to award-winning projects at prestigious events such as Cannes, D&AD Pencil, and British Arrows underscore his status as a visionary director.

As Lee Films continues to push the boundaries of cinematic excellence, the addition of the Truesdell Brothers and Dan Castella represents a commitment to innovation and creativity. With their unique talents and in collaboration with Lee Films these directors are going to hit the mark !