We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Lee Production Company family, director and screenwriter Dani Fortuny.

Dani Fortuny, originally from Barcelona, is an exceptional storyteller and visual artist. Known for his ability to translate lives into captivating images, Dani’s beautiful visual narrative gracefully navigates between costumbrism and cinematic fiction. His hallmark has been the seamless blend of emotions, stories, and a contemporary photographic style since his graduation from ESCAC.

Dani’s impressive body of work spans multiple countries, including Mexico, Ukraine, France, Spain, and the USA. One of his most significant works, “L.A Dreamers,” was recognized as a Staff Pick on Vimeo and published in National Geographic. His project “NoW” for Dream Magazine also garnered acclaim, being featured on Nowness and earning another Staff Pick on Vimeo.

In recent accomplishments, Dani won Gold in the Film category at the “El Ojo de Iberoamérica” festival for his campaign for 9GaG, created in collaboration with the agency LolaMullenlove. His diverse portfolio includes work for prominent brands such as Seat, IKEA, Toyota, Moritz, Adidas, Brugal, Pullmantur, and Valor.

Dani skillfully balances his fiction projects with advertising work, driven by his passion for storytelling. His latest short film, “A Noa,” inspired by his daughter, explores the profound impact of pregnancy on a first-time mother and is currently making rounds on the festival circuit.

We are thrilled to welcome Dani Fortuny to Lee Production Company and look forward to the unique vision and compelling stories he will bring to our projects.