Today marks a significant milestone as the much-anticipated film “Nina,” directed by Navarrese filmmaker Andrea Jaurrieta, premieres at the Malaga Film Festival. This marks Jaurrieta’s second feature film following her debut success with “Ana de día,” which earned her a coveted nomination for Best New Director at the Goya Awards. Now, she returns to the spotlight, competing once again in the Official Competition section of the Malaga Festival.

Described by Jaurrieta herself as a contemporary female western, “Nina” unfolds the compelling tale of a woman named Nina, who, at the age of 45, decides to confront the man responsible for ruining her life, a man now revered by the community. Set against the backdrop of her coastal hometown, Nina’s journey becomes a profound exploration of revenge, memory, and reconciliation. Shot over a six-week period in various locations across Mundaka and Bermeo in Bizkaia, the film also pays homage to Navarra, with nods to towns like Arteire, a fusion of Artajona and Beire, where pivotal scenes were filmed.

Based on a play by José Ramón Fernández, “Nina” boasts an exceptional cast, including Goya Award winner Patricia López Arnaiz and San Sebastian Film Festival’s Silver Shell recipient, Darío Grandinetti. Joining them in pivotal roles are Aina Picarolo, making her debut as the younger Nina, and Iñigo Aranburu.

For Jaurrieta and her team, “Nina” represents a labor of love, a culmination of dedication, and artistic vision. As a production company deeply invested in the project and proud to have Jaurrieta as part of our roster of directors, we are thrilled to witness the film’s premiere at such a prestigious event.

With its powerful storytelling and exceptional performances, “Nina” promises to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary cinema. As the curtains rise at the Malaga Film Festival, we eagerly await the world’s response to this remarkable cinematic achievement.